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It's that time of the year that always comes too fast...the end of summer!! But we're here to help lick yr wounds and supply you with enough music to carry you through the next three seasons.

Select your shirt size and leave us a comment with the tape you'd like sent along with it. Your options include...

Bottomfeeders s/t
Krozer "II"
The Sueves "Change Your Life"
Speed Babes "Let's Go Explode"
Troy Anderson, "Frankfort!"
The Staches "Placid Faces"
V/A, Monster Compilation Vol. 2
V/A, Monster Compilation Vol. 3
Jollys, "Raw Flower"
Cass Cwik, "On The Rock"
Dumpster Babies, "Lost and Found"
V/A, Trash Talk Vol. 1
Laverne, "Laverne"
The Rubs, "The Rubs Are Trash"
mtvghosts, "Tri-Pop"
Küken, "Küken"
V/A, Monster Compilation Vol. 1
Son of a Gun, "No Bread"
The Bingers, "Classic Hits"

Listen to 'em all on Bandcamp!!!