• Image of NEW T-shirt + 2 tapes + free tape

Hey gang we made NEW T-shirts. Buy one, plus choice of any two tapes, and get the third tape free!

Select your shirt size (only M, L or XL) and leave us a comment with the tapes you'd like sent along with it. Your options include...

Son of a Gun, "Larry's Cookies"
Cupid Youth, "CYEP"
Gal Gun "Special Music of Emotion"
Mia Joy, "Gemini Moon"
Glyders, "DIM"
Easy Habits, "Greetings from..."
Bottomfeeders, s/t
Krozer, "II"
The Sueves, "Change Your Life"
Speed Babes "Let's Go Explode"
Troy Anderson, "Frankfort!"
The Staches, "Placid Faces"
V/A, Monster Compilation Vol. 2
V/A, Monster Compilation Vol. 3
Jollys, "Raw Flower"
Cass Cwik, "On The Rock"
Dumpster Babies, "Lost and Found"
V/A, Trash Talk Vol. 1
Laverne, "Laverne"
mtvghosts, "Tri-Pop"
Küken, "Küken"
The Bingers, "Classic Hits"

Listen to 'em all on Bandcamp!!!